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U.S. Navy Departmental Ceremonial Rayon Or Nylon Flag

U.S. Navy Departmental Ceremonial Rayon Or Nylon Flag
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Product Description

U.S. Navy Departmental Ceremonial Rayon Or Nylon Flag
This U.S. Navy Departmental flag is made to official government specifications (G-Spec) and is available in 3 sizes;



4'4" x 5'6"

Embroidered on Heavyweight Nylon for indoor or outdoor presentation or for the most impressive visual display we also carry these in ceremonial bemberg rayon material.

Both versions feature the Naval service seal fully appliqued with embroidered details on both sides of the flag fabric. This method offers the most impressive appearance.

These flags feature a flannel-lined pole hem heading with leather tabs and golden rayon fringe for indoor display. Available in two sizes.

Made in the USA NSN 8345-00-684-8733. Organizational Flag, type 2, indoor, heavyweight nylon or rayon , 4 foot 4 inch hoist, 5 foot 6 inch fly, embroidered, with fringe.

The organizational flag for the United States Navy is available in 3'x4', 3'x5' or 4'4" x 5' 6", and of dark blue material, with yellow fringe, 2 1/2 inches wide. In the center of the flag is a device 3 feet 1 inch overall consisting of the inner pictorial position of the seal of the Department of the Navy (with the exception that a continuation of the sea has been substituted for the land area), in its proper colors within a circular yellow rope edging, all 2 feet 6 inches in diameter above a yellow scroll inscribed "United States Navy," in dark blue letters.

Unlike the national ensign, commission pennant, union jack, and admiral's broad pennant which fly from gaff, mast, or staff on board naval vessels, the flag of the United States Navy is reserved for display purposes and is carried by an honor guard on ceremonial occasions.

Made in USA. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Guidons and More is a division of U S. Heraldry LLC

Authorized Cage- 4HMN8 DUNS-784285152