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U.S. Coast Guard Departmental Flag (Embroidered)

U.S. Coast Guard Departmental Flag (Embroidered)
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U.S. Coast Guard Departmental Flag (Embroidered)
This U.S. Coast Guard Departmental Organizational flag is made to official government specifications and features a Coast Guard service seal fully embroidered on both sides of the flag fabric. It features a flannel-lined pole hem heading with leather tabs and golden rayon fringe for indoor display. Available in 3 Sizes;

3' x 4'

3' x5'

4' 4" x 5' 6"

NSN 8345-01-298-7403

Made in the USA

The Coast Guard color (known until 1962 as the Coast Guard standard) serves as the organizational flag for parade and display purposes. It may have originated in the use of the canton of the Coast Guard ensign as a jack. By 1917, this type of jack was no longer used aboard ship but was being carried as an organizational color ashore. The current design, which was approved on January 28, 1964, is white, 52 by 66 inches, with the national arms of the United States in blue (the stripes of the shield red). Above the arms are the name of the service and below it the motto, with the date of the Coast Guard's founding at the bottom. The flag is trimmed with 2 1/2 inch golden-yellow fringe and the staff is topped by a battle-ax finial. Below the finial are attached the battle streamers won by the Coast Guard throughout its history. When the flag is displayed without the streamers, the staff is decorated with a blue and white cord and tassels.

Guidons and More is a division of U S. Heraldry LLC

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