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U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations Flags

U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations Flags
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Product Description

U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations Flags
These official size U.S. Navy Chief Of Naval Operations flags are made to U.S. Navy military specifications (NTP 13). They are made of heavyweight nylon fabric and feature a fully sewn design. Each star and as well as the design features details that are richly embroidered on both sides. They are available in several versions. Grommets and a cotton duck header or Snap hook & Rings for flying outdoors, or a Pole Hem, with or withour fringe for display indoors.

The personal flag of the Chief of Naval Operations consists of a blue and white rectangular background divided diagonally from lower hoist to upper fly, blue above and white below. In the center of the flag appears an adaption of the center of the official seal of the Chief of Naval Operations, consisting of an eagle clutching an anchor, all in proper colors, encircled by fifty links of gold chain. Directly above, below and to each side of the circular center design is a 5-point star with one point upward. On the blue field the two stars are white and on the white field the two stars are blue. A gold fringe is authorized for use with the flag when it is displayed in a static indoor position. The cord and tassels are of golden yellow.

Sizes Size 6- 3'7"H x 5' 1 1/2"L

Size 7- 1Ft 10"H x 2'8"L

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping as these flgs are custom made.

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