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USMC Army of Occupation of Germany (1918-1923) Streamer

USMC Army of Occupation of Germany (1918-1923) Streamer
Item# MC-015
Size:  Bronze Stars:  Silver Stars:  Oak Leaf Cluster:  Palm Device: 
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Product Description

These official U.S. Marine Corps USMC Army of Occupation of Germany (1918-1923) Streamers are made in accordance with U.S. Marine Corps regulations (MIL-DTL-14650/2G).

These battle streamers are made of rayon fabric and are two-sided( 2 streamers stiched together)with bronze, silver, and/or gold embroidered stars on the campaign ribbon (no engagement or battle names).

Marine Corps battle streamers are available in 2 3/4" x 36" and 2 3/4" x 48"

The colors derive from the campaign ribbon authorized for service in that particular war.

Please state the type and quantity of any devices on streamers in the "Comments" section which will appear towards the end of the checkout process.

Please allow 3 weeks for shipping of these custom made items.